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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips An air conditioning unit is an indispensable household appliance. This is especially true if you live in a place where summers can get unbearably hot and humid. A working AC just makes the outside heat more bearable which is why it can be such a nightmare when your home air conditioner starts acting up. Thankfully, problems like these can be easily fixed by a reliable HVAC contractor . It doesn’t hurt, however, to learn AC troubleshooting skills before calling the experts in to give you a better grasp of the current state of your cooling unit. The air conditioner won’t start There is nothing more frustrating than turning the AC on and realizing that it just isn’t starting. Most of the time, however, the cause can be as simple as a blown fuse. This can happen too if your circuit breaker trips. Fortunately, both these problems can be resolved just as easily. The costs involved are minimal as well, since you will only need to replace the failing fu

Heating and Cooling FAQ (Part 2)

Heating and Cooling FAQs (Part 2) We know how much you want to know more about your heating and cooling system. As promised, we are back to answer some more of your questions about your HVAC system. Read on and find out more about the different safety and health aspects associated with your heating and cooling unit, how to maintain its efficiency, as well as picking the best furnace and air conditioner for your home. Is your air conditioning safe? Yes. In fact, it is such a lifesaver, especially during the summer months when the weather can become unbearably hot. It offers a much-needed respite from the sweltering heat and makes your home a more comfortable space. That being said, air conditioners that have been neglected can have some health and safety risks. For one, if you are running a contaminated unit, it may trigger allergies and asthma or even exacerbate these conditions. You may want to consider AC replacement , if this is the case. If you have a well-maintained unit, howe

Programmable Thermostats Save Time, Money

Energy use and costs may not be as expensive as rent or the other things we spend our money on, but they do pile up and if not monitored properly, can actually set us back a few hundred, if not thousands of our hard-earned cash. If you’re not some millionaire who can brush off every month’s utility bill or perhaps the owner of a utility company, then I am sure you, just like the rest of us, are also looking for ways to improve your house’s energy efficiency. And one of the most recommended ways, at least in the HVAC world, is to do one simple addition to your HVAC system if you haven’t yet: Take advantage of a programmable thermostat. It’s a cheap, and quality addition to installing a new air conditioning system. Now, before you wear your skeptic hat on, here are some ways a programmable thermostat can spell a difference in your home that you cannot simply ignore. Fewer adjustments, because we have other important things to do. If you’re like most homeowners who have 100 things in t

When is Ductwork Replacement the Right Thing to Do?

You might have heard some HVAC maintenance professionals tell you or other homeowners that having ductwork problems doesn’t necessarily require you to replace your entire HVAC system immediately. They are not saying that to lead you into deeper trouble by waiting for your ductwork to cause bigger problems and thus, requiring you to spend more in the future. All they’re saying is, there are incidences wherein ductworks can be repaired to bring back their efficiency and proper functions, not necessarily whole replacements that will actually cost you more. HVAC contractors may perform inspections and tests so that you can be assisted in deciding on which action to take. So, whether you need your system ductwork to be replaced or not depends on its overall condition. As mentioned earlier, some of these conditions can be remedied with a repair or partial replacements. But of course, there are some conditions that would require a full replacement of your ductwork. It would be to your advan