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Is Your Air Conditioning System Summer-Ready?

If you’re a planner that likes to be prepared for almost anything, you know there are quite a few things that you should never take for granted. One of them is your central air conditioning system. We say this because we definitely wouldn’t want you scrambling next month or in July or early August for contact information for “ air conditioner repair near me ” because your air conditioner is not working suddenly in the middle of a Houston heatwave. You don’t want to be in competition with the hundreds of other homeowners who procrastinated on preventative air conditioning maintenance and are suffering the consequences. So, just like preparing for a beach-ready body, we recommend you also work on a summer-ready HVAC system, and here are some pointers: See if there are air leaks. Air leaks in your rooms can be difficult to locate because they can be quite unnoticeable. Seals and connections that have experienced wear and tear through the years can cause these leaks practically invisible

AC Maintenance is Key to Saving Money

According to energy consumption experts like the Department of Energy, more than half of what we pay for utility bills are made up of cooling and heating bills. Imagine that! It only means that 1) we are making our utility companies quite rich and 2) for the standard typical home, our largest energy expense is attributed to central air conditioning repair and operation. Finally, as we fast approach the end of spring, that means that the cooling expenses will only rise, as the weather will be hotter and as we are still spending most of our time at home. we don’t have a choice but to use our HVAC systems to make our stay-at-home comfortable instead of us feeling like we are literally in hell with the heat. With the impending rise of our utility bills, here are some suggestions on how to maintain our air conditioning systems to make it run efficiently and help lower electricity cost. At the same time, these tips are also of no cost, so we are giving you tips that don’t require you to sh

Getting Your HVAC System Ready For Summer

Since we are at the tail-end of spring/beginning of summer, it is quite understandable that like everyone else, you want to enjoy the last days of this beautiful season by enjoying the outdoors, opening the windows, and basking in the warm temperatures. Most HVAC systems are still not working at their maximum levels, but that time is coming. So, while we brace ourselves with that impending higher than usual electricity spending, the tail-end of spring is also a great time to get our HVAC systems ready for summer. Planning for the unavoidable eventuality of summer is so that maybe we can have a bit of control over that energy bill. So, here are some things you should be mindful of for your HVAC system to be prepared in this upcoming season change: Check your HVAC system’s airflow by turning it on. HVAC systems perform more efficiently if they are used regularly, without overly long breaks. Thus, while you may not be fully using it now, try to turn on your HVAC system, say, once every

Help Your Central Air Conditioning System Help You

If your home has a central air conditioning system installed, you are almost resigned to the fact that you may have to shell out a lot for your energy consumption and for the system’s upkeep and maintenance. However, you may also be aware that there is a wealth of information and knowledge about how owners of central AC systems can save money. With just a bit of know-how about the parts of your HVAC system and knowing who to call when you need help, you should be on your way to an efficient air conditioning unit that should serve you well all throughout the summer without putting a huge dent on your wallet or requiring an AC replacement installation . Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the efficiency of your AC system high. Keep your blinds and curtains drawn to help your AC keep your indoor temperature comfortable.  When your home gets warmed by the direct rays of the sun through your windows, expect your HVAC system to work twice a

Easing Wear And Tear On Your HVAC

If you feel stressed, just imagine what your AC unit goes through during the peak of summer. With temperatures soaring, you expect your Central Air Conditioner to cool your home. But since the outside air your unit has to condition is hotter, it will definitely have to exert more effort so you can be provided with your expected results. That extra effort obviously equals more stress to your AC machine, not to mention the added energy it consumes for it to perform properly, which unfortunately may lead to it getting “burned out.” When it burns out, often replacement or installation is your only choice – . Alas, your HVAC system, cannot go on a Caribbean cruise or a deep tissue massage, not even an alcoholic binge or a relaxing night with a video streaming service to chill. As a responsible owner of this overworked AC system, there are things you can do to decrease the stress on your HVAC system. Not only will knowing these make you kinder to