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Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air – A Troubleshooting Guide

When you’ve spent your day under the sweltering heat, you’d certainly look forward to finally cooling down when you get home. Imagine your frustration when you turn the AC on, and your Air Conditioner is not blowing the cold air you’re used to? What’s even worse is the fact that if you have no idea how your AC works, you’ll have no idea what’s causing the problem. Diagnosing why your AC is not blowing cold air the way it’s supposed to is always next to impossible when you’re not an expert. This is mainly due to because there can be a slew of reasons that our air conditioner is malfunctioning. Whether your unit seems to be gushing out warm air or just refuses to turn on, we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons why it is doing that and what steps you can take to address the problem. Why Is My AC Not Cool Enough? When it comes to AC problems, it’s crucial to address the problem as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to wait until the problem has escalated, which can lead to cost

Central Air Vs Window Unit?

When you are in deciding what to you to keep cool for the summer season, I am sure one of the things you might be considering is whether to consider either window units installed in each of your rooms or just installing central air conditioning. There are surely a lot of pros and cons considered for both options, and it’s totally dependent on you as the homeowner on which you should use for your home. In Houston, of course, most houses opt for the centralized system since it is easier to operate, with the system only being operated, as its name denotes, by a central controller. Does this mean that window units are more of a hassle to operate and will cost more compared to a centralized system? Not really, that is, if you are very meticulous about operating your window units to save on energy costs. So, here are the pros and cons of both systems, so that hopefully by the time you finish this article, you can decide which would be best for your home. The pros of central air conditioni

Replacing Your Central Air Conditioning: Important Considerations

Yes, it is true that an HVAC system, specifically your central air conditioning system, is one of the costliest appliances available for your home. But then, it is also essential, so we can’t really complain nor just disregard it completely for the sake of savings. We would not want to freeze in the winter or suffer from a heat stroke in the summer, would we? Investing in an HVAC system is more or less a must in Houston. Being an essential part of our homes, we cannot also afford to take shortcuts or settle when looking for replacement AC systems or when trying to maintain our current air conditioning system. We certainly do not want to save a few dollars now only to have a faulty and easily damaged system. Our stinginess when it comes to HVAC systems can come back at us and make us suffer in the long run. As HVAC systems are essential yet very expensive, we as homeowners need to educate ourselves so as to avoid getting ripped off by cheap systems and unprofessional and unscrupulous A