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Eliminating The Pollutants You Have In Your Home

Eliminating The Pollutants You Have In Your Home Not all pollutants can be easily detected by the average homeowner simply by walking around the house and looking for them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency , the air inside your home can be between 2 and 5 times more polluted than the air outside, which is a shocking realization for a lot of people who assume their air is as fresh as daisies. Continue to protect your family’s safety and put your health first by actively acknowledging the presence of pollutants in your home and eliminating them using these helpful tips. Also consider AC maintenance services from Air Check Mechanical Service to ensure your house is both clean AND comfortable! Dirt As your front door opens and closes repeatedly throughout the day, one thing becomes increasingly apparent in your home: dirt. As you and your guests enter and exit your home, dirt can very easily be tracked throughout the space, contributing to the buildup of pollutants in y

Air Conditioning Parts Shortages And Tuneups

Air Conditioning Parts Shortages And Tuneups Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted throughout the state of Texas, long-term consequences can be observed in the form of equipment shortages, particularly in the form of parts for air conditioning units. With our hot summer temperatures and high humidity days back in the state of Texas, many homeowners may be forced to bear the heat if or when their air conditioning system experiences problems. Individual Component Issues We’ve all heard about supply chain issues throughout the world. Now, shortages of A/C parts and units have been caused by a lack of copper and aluminum available to manufacturers, both of which are critical components for their manufacturing. Electronic components, many of which are sourced from overseas, are also contributing to the worsening of shortages this summer. The other issue is that manufacturers are behind on orders at the factory level as a result of COVID, and they did not stock as much in 2021 a