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Getting An AC Replacement? Don’t Forget to Consider This

So, you’ve already decided on getting a replacement for your air conditioning. Congratulations! Replacing such an important system in your home entails a lot of deliberation, thinking, and planning, time and money-wise. AC replacement definitely won’t cost nickles and dimes only, so you’d need to be keen on your budget considerations. And this is true not just with the cost of the system itself, because for sure, you would also need to hire an AC installation specialist ( ) to help you with the mechanical aspect of replacing the system, such as disposing of the old one and installing the new unit. And hiring these technicians also won’t come cheap. Thus, you would need to develop an eye on the particulars of this AC replacement project. Just letting the pros do it and not being particular about these things may set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Don’t let your hard-earned money go down the drain. You can easily avoid going

Spring Cooling Tips To Keep Your Home’s Energy Costs Down

Having an air conditioner to rely on when the weather gets unbearably hot is always reassuring. However, those appliances are known for also causing a ruckus when it comes to your energy consumption. This is why keeping your AC in tiptop shape is essential, so it will not only keep you cozy come the summer months but also keep your energy consumption down as well. Like it or not, an older air conditioning installation is nowhere near as efficient as a new one, and ensuring it works at its best will save you more money than you might think. Luckily, there are things you can do so keeping the AC on doesn’t have to mean hefty monthly energy bills. Read on as we tell you more about how you can keep your energy consumption down. Indoor and outdoor temperature shouldn’t differ too much It’s not only your body that will get shocked over the massive difference between the temperatures outside and the levels inside your home. Not only that, keeping your AC in this setting is going to give y

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacement

Modern air conditioners are truly life-changing. Reliable and efficient, they make a huge difference in making homes more comfortable in the sweltering heat of the summer and all year round. What’s even better is the fact that running one these days would cost you far less than what it would to decades or so ago. AC replacement needed! Still, one has to consider the fact that despite how efficiently made they are, they are just machines and there will come a point when they will fail. There’s just no exception to that. Normal wear and tear as well as the buildup of dirt within these machines can cause them to malfunction. It doesn’t even matter if the AC install is of the absolute best quality. In virtually all cases, a central air conditioner can become inefficient and will reach a point where it will no longer be as functional. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them but how do you tell when it is time? What signs should you be looking out for that can tell you when it is time

Covering Your Air Conditioner in the Winter— Is it Necessary?

It’s common for most households in the US to have some type of air conditioning. With about 84% of the population having some form of it, it’s safe to assume that to the majority of Americans, homes should be equipped with an air conditioner, and if not, they’ll probably be interested in an air conditioner install . It can also be assumed that most of these homeowners will take the necessary steps to get their homes and their HVAC systems winterized to ensure that their comfort and ease during the colder months are assured while at the same time, avoid getting handed huge energy bills in the process. AC maintenance Perhaps one of the most common questions that air conditioning owners often wonder about is whether or not it is a good idea to just leave their AC exterior unit as it is in the colder seasons. Many often wonder if it would be a much better idea to get the top of these units covered to somehow protect it from the elements. Worry no more. This article is aimed to help di

AC Leaks – The 5 Most Common Causes

One of the most common scenarios you’ll have to deal with when you have an AC unit at home is the possibility of it leaking. If and when it does though, there is no need to panic. Even when nothing is broken inside the unit, water leaks may still occur. Whether or not your system requires repair or full air conditioner replacement would require taking a look inside, which means getting an HVAC expert to do the job. AC installation in Pearland TX Read on and find out some of the most common reasons air conditioners leak. AC leaks— what causes it? Inside an air conditioning unit is an evaporator coil. It is designed for cooling the warm air blowing over it. This process naturally causes moisture to build up. This moisture then drips and is caught by the drain pan. The water accumulated here will then get pumped out of your home through the condensate drain line. All of these components need to be installed properly, otherwise, they will most likely lead to leaks and a whole host

A Guide to Preventing AC Leaks

Air conditioners work by pulling the hot and humid outside air and then blowing it across a cooled, evaporator coil. As this process helps cool down the air inside, it does have a side effect which is the buildup of condensation AC check in Houston TX along the coil. Modern AC designs cause the excess water from the condensation process to pass through a pipe where a drain pan then catches it as it falls. Another pipe then pumps the water out. Unfortunately, ACs don’t always work this efficiently, which may or may not be the fault of the original AC installation . There are instances when certain problems might lead to the water leaking into your premises instead of getting pumped out of it. When not addressed effectively, this can lead to damages not only to your AC unit but even your property.   These days, getting a professional to perform an AC repair shouldn’t be a problem. It is, after all, a quick, easy and effective way to deal with AC leaks. Still, it is always worth yo

Your HVAC System’s Moldy Truth

As a homeowner, there is nothing that can be more disgusting for you than mold. Mold may be good for some varieties of cheese from France, but it is definitely not good to have on your home. Mold on your bathroom? Definitely no. Mold on your basement? Definitely no. Mold inside your fridge? Definitely must not. And unfortunately, one area that mold may get attracted to and worse, thrive in your house, is your HVAC system. If you live in a humid area, this is one nightmare you may most definitely have to deal with. But how? Why is there mold in my HVAC?! As you may already know, there are two conditions for mold to thrive and prosper: moisture and warmth. That is why mold is likely to grow on your bathroom walls or in your basement. You will also notice mold in your fridge that is transferred from your food to your fridge that may not be efficiently be cooling anymore, which is why mold grows on the things you put there. Alas, if you live in a humid region like Houston, home of Air Ch

Of Temperatures and Air Conditioners

Date check: We are already at the tail end of spring. This means that it will really not be long before sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, and shorts will be in fashion once again. But since we will not really be going out and about just about everywhere this year, one trend that we will surely AC repair in Houston TX   experience as the warm weather slowly comes is using our air conditioners once again. And Air Check Mechanical Service will be checking them out! Cooling off is essential and has never been more important these days when we have to stay indoors most of the time. So, whether your house has a window unit, ductless systems, or central air, it won’t be long until you will be making close acquaintances with your AC. And with that, you will surely be thinking, “My electric bill will be skyrocketing yet again.” But since we don’t have the option of going out yet since we are still highly encouraged to stay indoors or run the risk of getting sick, you might think then that y

Air Conditioning Replacement Vs. Repair

Oh, how our consumer-driven and capitalist society has always encouraged us to go for new! New is always best! Why exert too much effort in repairing something when you can just buy a replacement that you can rely on to better serve you? I hate to burst my own bubble here, but unfortunately, most Americans may not really have the bottomless amount of financial resources to fund a penchant for continually new things. On the topic of HVAC systems, this becomes all the more crucial as these equipment is not really the cheapest items you can buy at the supermarket to replace your current on. So, the question stands – Should you go for an AC replacement or just a repair your central air conditioner? Actually, there are a number of factors to consider when mulling this question. There’s your system’s lifespan. Has your system given you a great deal in terms of return on investment? Is the cost of repairing your system almost as high as a replacement for the entire system? Is your HVAC unit

HVAC Installation And BTUs

When you are on the lookout for HVAC systems, whether you want to replace your current unit or if you are dealing with an HVAC professional, you may most likely encounter some terminologies, insider lingo, and jargon as you look into things like heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces. And one of these terms that will most likely come up is the acronym BTU. Before thinking that your HVAC maintenance personnel may be fooling you for sliding in a name of a Korean music group, be rest assured that BTU is a legitimate term used in the HVAC world. Once you understand what BTUs are and what their significance is to your HVAC system, you will get a better appreciation of the inner working of your HVAC systems and the factors that result in your home or business getting heated and cooled by your HVAC equipment. So, get ready to know more about what BTU is and its significance to your HVAC system. What is a BTU? To start off, let us know what the acronym BTU stands for. BTU stands for Bri

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Makes Perfect Sense

Having your HVAC system maintained regularly is something very important to its health, not to mention your budget. If you have a regular HVAC maintenance program, you will definitely be assured that your system can serve you for a longer period of time, which you, as a homeowner, should be thankful for. This will lead to savings, because you won’t have to keep on hiring professionals and paying them so often because they will need to repair something from your unit that is often out of order. Better, you will be saving thousands of dollars as you won’t have to keep on buying a replacement for your HVAC system that has been frustrating you. Ensuring this maintenance is being performed regularly will ensure that your system is clean, lubricated, and ready for heavy use come the summer and winter months. Besides, having your HVAC system regularly maintained will also save you from the hassle of having to call a professional HVAC repair service at the same time as all other households wo


Pearland, TX is a burgeoning, exciting suburb of Houston that is growing at what many are calling a pretty amazing pace. In fact, a recent survey by WalletHub shows that Pearland is 26 of 30 in the top 30 fastest growing cities in the United States. Naturally, this is about economic activity, and access to jobs, which of course Houston has in spades. Plus, Pearland is experiencing serious home appreciation , and the median home price in the area is already near $290,000. It’s an exciting part of Houston that will likely grow heavily over the next number of years as Houstonites move further from the city’s core and new Texans look for home values that they can afford. Those folks that are fans of old school rollerskating may want to check out the classic Pearwood Skate Center , a blast from the past and classic venue offering lessons and open skating sessions. Families with children are going to love the large indoor adventure center known as Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure park

HVAC Air Filters: The Unfiltered Truth

Another integral part of an AC system is an air filter. Well, you might argue that they air filters are not really as essential as the most integral parts of an AC system are, such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, refrigerant, ducts, and even the thermostat. But for everyone who lives in the city or in fact, any place with questionable air quality, air filters also serve a very important purpose. They have the difficult task of removing impurities from the air that goes through your AC system. Thus, having the right air filter can have a dramatic impact on the air quality your AC system provides. You might also argue that air filters are a money-saving factor in your AC system, because if they do they functions properly, then there really isn’t an urgent need to invest in another system for air purification. As you may have heard, air purifier systems have also become very popular in the market, but they are also quite expensive. So, if you don’t have a lot of funds to buy a

South Acres / Crestmont Park

The South Acres/Crestmont park area is a semi-suburban neighborhood bordered on the east by Highway 288 and at the North by Sims Bayou. The most recent population numbers in the neighborhood state that 31,550 souls live here. The neighborhood to the east of here is known as Minnetex. When it comes to shopping in South Acres/Crestmont Park, there are no major indoor malls, but Cullen Commons Shopping Center does have some highlights, including a Metro PCS Store, a Boost Mobile Store and of course a Sno City Shaved Ice for keeping it real cool in the summertime.  Outside of that, retailers tend to be of the stand alone or strip mall-style, with some notables such as Watkins Groceries Store , Apache Auto Parts, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Crestmont Park Supermarket on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The neighborhood also includes Cloverland , which was the home of popular Houston rapper, Lil’ Flip. If you’re looking to eat out while in South Acres/Crestmont park, you’ll want to look in